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REVPANEL Composite Structural Insulated Panels by ThermaSteel

The ThermaSteel REVPANEL Composite Structural Insulated Panel building system is the high-tech alternative to traditional SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). ThermaSteel's patented composite bonding technology bonds light gauge steel structural members together with EPS, delivering a stronger, lighter wall system which installs faster, and provides structural framing, insulation, sheathing and vapor barrier all in one step. By eliminating thermal bridging and air infiltration, effective R ratings may be boosted to as much as R-47. Learn more about our Composite Structural Insulated Panels (C-SIPs). more...>>

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Building up to eight stories in one efficient process, with only panels, and in one step providing structure, insulation, sheathing, and vapor barrier, this is the composite difference. This would be enough, but we also do it faster, at a lower cost, and with the result of a stronger, safer, higher efficiency building, with effective R ratings from R-35 to R-49.

These revolutionary capabilities are the reason we call it the REVPANEL System.

The foundation of this capability is ThermaSteel's patented composite nature. Our unique process of infusing and bonding structural steel members to EPS results in a structural panel that is very light and incredibly strong. While it’s true that our products fall into the category of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS), these capabilities put ThermaSteel in a category all its own.

NOTE: ThermaSteel has completed over 70,000 projects worldwide in 28 countries around the world. Learn more >>


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