ThermaSteel panels are a FOUR-IN-ONE solution for the building industry. Our steel SIP panels perform structural framinginsulationsheathing and vapor barrier, reducing labor cost and installation time by more than half! Our unique technology provides panels with a thermal break between the interior and the exterior of the wall, like no other SIP, making their energy efficiency even higher.

ThermaSteel began manufacturing panels in Radford, VA in 1970. What makes us a world leader in the panel industry? Not only did we pioneer the technology, but we also have extensive experience (over 75,000 projects around the world) and we can do the entire building envelope – or as much of the building as you want us to do. We have panels for exterior and interior walls, floors, concrete floors, roofs, shear walls and even foundation panels.

We manufacture commercial buildings, residential, tiny homes, tool sheds, freezers, net zero buildings, and passive nursing homes. We manufacture buildings for the military in multiple countries, in addition to aerospace, naval and other industrial applications. Nearly all our projects are custom designed for the specific desired application.

If you can sketch it – We can make it

If you want to build a church in northern Russia (1991) or an Of The Grid emergency unit for the government – we do it all.

Click here to see the church after 32 years.

Over the last 50+ years, we have developed 25 patents that allow us to design and shape the structure that YOU need. Our panels are high R-values (up to R61), compliant with ASHREA 90.1 and all are thermally broken. With a tight tongue and groove connection system, we exceed the requirements of the energy codes.  The key is that our patented composite technology allows us to bond light-gauge steel with EPS to create composite material panels capable of carrying unusually heavy loads. Our panels are treated for smoke and flame retardancy, making the panels noncombustible assemblies. While the panels are safe for humans and do not off-gas, they are free of pests such as termites, bees, rodents, and more, since they do not offer any food value.

We are a 100% waste-free production factory, with low carbon emission, and we incorporate recycled materials into the panels where possible.

Check our downloads page for certifications, including:

  • IAPMO load bearing tables for II-V construction type
  • 2hr fire test for a load bearing wall
  • Florida hurricane rating
  • Government vendor
  • 9.5 Richter scale by Russia
  • Below grade application

In our user-friendly process, our drafts-people will work with your engineer and architect, and panelize your project into shop drawings to integrate rough openings, beams, and headers to allow you to construct the building of your dreams. The panels will arrive to your job site ready to be installed.


  • Cost-effective construction solution?
  • World leading technology?
  • Energy efficiency? 
  • Environmentally friendly?
  • Manageable installation cost?
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