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REVPANEL Composite Structural Insulated Panels by ThermaSteel

ThermaSteel patented Steel and EPS bonding technology results in the highest strength to weight ratio of any other type of SIP (Structural Insulated Panel), creating new effiiciences and possibilities in construction. Reduce wall construction time by 50%, improve energy efficiency by up to 75%.

REVPANELS are engineered to install simply and quickly, providing structure, vapor barrier, insulation and sheathing all-in-one efficient labor-saving step.

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  • ThermaSteel Modified Grade Self Extinguishing Insulation
  • ThermaSteel Panel Installation - 001
  • ThermaSteel Panel Installation - 002
  • Tiny House Tips #3, with Bob Clarizio

    We love Bob Clarizio's Tiny Tips video's and he gave us permission to repost one. By the way, if you are thinking about building a Tiny House on wheels give Bob a call. He's honest, fun, and gracious and will help you all he can. Thanks Bob!

  • Fighting Fire with ThermaSteel
  • ThermaSteel Hurricane Panels

    ThermaSteel Distributor, Steve Medlin, of LeeCor Systems explains the benefits of ThermaSteel Hurricane Panel (hPanels). hPanels are the perfect solution for complete structures, safe rooms or storm shelters.

  • Hurricane Categories Explained

    This is explanation of potential damage that can be caused by hurricanes based on their classification. To be clear, the danger and damage of any hurricane could be less or more than shown in this video. Even in a Category 1 hurricane, if you get hit by a flying 2x4, you're going down. ThermaSteel panels are tested for wind loads up to 220 miles per hour, and cabable of meeting or exceeding all certification requirements. Call for more information.

  • ThermaSteel Home Build

    If you're building a house in the winter snow it's a real plus to get the walls up and the structure closed in quickly. See it happen in this HD video including close-up and aerial footage of the build process.

  • ThermaSteel Manufacturing Process

    See each step of the ThermaSteel manufacturing process in detail and watch time-lapse footage of an actual project being assembled, with product overview by ThermaSteel General Manager, Don Hanshew.

  • ThermaSteel Time Study

    This short step-by-step video provides a short time study with instructions of an actual ThermaSteel residential project.

  • La Quinta Inn and Suites ThermaSteel Build

    The advantages and benefits of ThermaSteel panels and how they work are obvious in this video of the build process of a La Quinta Inn and Suites hotel.

    Interview with engineer, Lawrence Martin, video footage from the Florida, Miami-Dade Hurricane test in process, and additional details from ThermaSteel General Manager, Don Hanshew.

  • This New House features ThermSteel

    Amy Matthews hosts THIS NEW HOUSE on the DIY Network.

    Meet Pete Brosey, General Contractor and ThermaSteel evangelist as he assembles a ThermaSteel demo house in just a few hours. Learn how ThermaSteel works as Amy interviews builder, Bill Gabriel to learn why he prefers ThermaSteel.

  • Recycling EPS
  • ThermaSteel Anti-Ballistics

    This video shows ThermaSteels panel as it is used in an anti-ballistics building system. Please call for more information on ThermaSteel anti-ballistic capabilities.

  • ThermaSteel Summit Module - Test 1
  • ThermaSteel Summit Module - Test 2

    5 Hurricane Panels | Dim-7.5in x 7.5ft x 23.7ft
    Openings-2x) 5',1" x 7',1" | Module Weight-1728lbs
    Ballast-2,892lbs | Total weight-4620lbs

  • ThermaSteel Summit Panel - Test 3

    5 Hurricane Panels | Dim-7.5in x 7.5ft x 23.7ft
    Openings-2x) 5',1" x 7',1" | Module Weight-1728lbs
    Ballast-2,892lbs | Total weight-4620lbs

  • Clifton, VA - 27,000 Square Foot Home
  • ThermaSteel fPanel Floor System