A Comparison of Steel vs Wood

Historically, for the new European settlers in America, wood was the most common resource for construction. Easy to build and didn’t require high skill comparing with paster and stones as was used in Europe. Over time wood established itself as “the default construction material”.
Today, we replace wood with steel making the building noncombustible, stronger, and not prone to consumption by water, pest etc. Nails are replaced with strong screws. Remember the old paper they used to cover the walls? this is replaced with high value insulation.

Steel framing is a practical, code compliant Stronger, environment friendly (for not cutting down trees),  yet does not require new skill set nor training for the installation. On the contrary, ThermaSteel panels arrive on site with rough openings for doors and windows pre-made. Structural elements such as posts, beams, and headers pre-engineered simplifying the install and reducing the framing time to half. Electrical Chace 1″/2″ is pre-made into the panels 11″ off the bottom, reducing drilling for electricity in wood studs. Studs are every 16″ complying with the standard industry for hanging cabinets, sidings, or any other purpose. Additional advantages are the pre-made insulation, which by the way, reduces the need for the weather barrier (above grade exterior walls application) and reducing debris and dumpsters from the construction site. Oh yes, don’t forget a 10-year warranty for the product.