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Thermasteel is a unique panelized composite building system comprised of light gauge galvanized steel formed into structural members and bonded to EPS to form composite panels. The resulting panels exhibit properties that are particularly well-suited to residential and commercial construction, such as extremely high strength to weight ratio, high R-values (R22-45), low acoustical transmission, and resistance to fire, water, mold and insects. Projects using Thermasteel panels progress faster with attached economical benefits, and result in a residence or commercial spaces that are stronger, safer, and more efficient to operate and maintain. Although at first glance Thermasteel may appear to be a typical SIP, or Structural Insulated Panel, in fact Thermasteel panels are unique in their properties and capabilities. One testament to this is that Thermasteel structures typically survive earthquakes and hurricanes when surrounding structures fail.

  • To date, more than 70,000 building projects worldwide have been completed using Thermasteel panels. Here are a few of the advantages of Thermasteel Composite Panels.
  • Thermasteel panels meet or exceed international building codes, Israel included. In addition, they are fire, water, mold, and mildew resistant, and not a food source for insects.
  • All materials used in Thermasteel panels are recyclable and environmentally safe. See attached “EPS and the Environment” pdf.
  • Thermasteel Panels are available to hurricane, ballistic and forced entry specifications.
  • Each project is pre-engineered and manufactured to spec in a quality controlled environment and delivered with openings pre-cut, ready to assemble. Panels range from 3.5”-7.5” thick, and 48” wide and up to 12’ in length.
  • Building with Thermasteel is fast. At a typical 45 lbs per panel, Thermasteel panels can be positioned and assembled using simple hand tools and without the aid of heavy equipment. Panels are fastened into a floor track and connected to each other via interlocking tongue and groove joints and connecting plates.
  • Wire chases are molded into panels. Additional chases cut with a heat knife on-site as needed.
  • Thermasteel panels are structural members engineered and manufactured to the load requirements of each project. Studs range from 14-22 ga, 16” or 24” on center with additional studs as needed, often eliminating other structural members.
  • Thermasteel panels provide structure, vapor barrier, insulation and sheathing in one product, eliminating four steps, along with material and labor costs.
  • All interior finishes and exterior facades are available to use and attach on 16” or 24” centers in typical fashion, using self-drilling fasteners.

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