fbpx Sep 13, 2016 - Group buys Thermasteel - Press Release

Group buys Thermasteel - Press Release

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


For immediate Release
Thermasteel, Inc
609 West Rock Road
Radford, VA 24141
United States


RADFORD, VA - Thermasteel RP, of Radford, Virginia, has been purchased by an investment and management group. Led by Chief Executive Officer, Adi Ben-Senior, the group is made up of several engineering, sales, and marketing professionals specializing in the building industry. Adi’s background encompasses sixteen years in the field of engineering and architecture, over three continents, with over one billion dollars of develoment. This includes several of the largest commercial developments in Europe in the last decade.

The new company is incorporated under the name Thermasteel, Inc., and has launched a new website and company branding to coincide with the purchase. 

“We are very happy to announce that the purchase of Thermasteel is now complete.” said company CEO, Adi Ben-Senior. “Indeed, there is no other product in the world like what this company has created, and starting today we hope to begin expanding the reach. It’s surprising that even though 70,000 projects have already been completed in 28 countries around the world, the products are still relatively unknown. But, we are confident and encouraged that this is about to change.”

“The new website and branding are an introduction to what we have coming”, said Jeffrey Shirk, Vice President. “The significance of our composite structural insulated panel system, what we call REVPANEL, is a real game changer for the building industry. While it’s true that our product falls under the heading of Structural Insulated Panel, our composite bonding technology puts it in a category all its own, and this really can’t be overstated. We feel like a revolutionary product needs a fitting name. That’s why we call it REVPANEL”.


Find the new website is at www.thermasteelinc.com
Send email inquiries to info@thermasteelinc.com
Ph: 540.633.5000