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Homeowner - Why Should you use ThermaSteel Panels

Same Cost, Much Better Building

ThermaSteel panels are a 4-in-1 system that provide structure, insulation, vapor barrier, and sheathing all in one. ThermaSteel panels provide a superior product for framing structures at an overall cost that is less than traditional construction methods.   

Energy Efficiency

ThermaSteel panels are pre-engineered for energy efficiency, delivering an effective R-Value of R-35 with a 5½" panel and R-47 with a 7½” panel. Studies have proven that ThermaSteel panels reduce energy costs by up to 70% when compared to traditionally insulated walls. By providing a very efficient envelope, the mechanical requirements are also reduced for heating and cooling. Additionally, the R-Value also does not degrade over time like traditional sagging batt or blown-in wall insulation because of its composite nature.

Structural Strength

Our steel, composite insulated panels undergo a patented process to thermally bond light-gauge steel studs and EPS foam.  Many SIPs are only meant for providing insulation and sheathing with minimal load bearing and require a steel or wood frame for support. Our structural, dual steel frames are bonded to EPS in a way that allows it to provide structural framing, insulation and vapor barrier in one product.  These panels can be used in exterior walls, roofs, ceiling, floors, basements and will support multi-story loads.

Increased Property Values and Better Mortgages

Because of the superior energy efficiency of ThermaSteel panels, the cost of ownership is reduced due to lower energy costs, which translates to higher ROI and greater property values. Owners may also qualify for lower cost energy-efficient mortgages.

Fire Safety

ThermaSteel panels are a non-combustible assembly that provides a fire-resistant system in conjunction with various fire assemblies (gypsum board layers, etc.), meet one and two hour fire testing. These tests have also proven that our 4-in-1 panels give off fewer toxins than traditional construction materials.

SAFE Global Reach

Proven in over 70,000 projects in 28 countries and in all 50 states, ThermaSteel panels are approved for use in all climate regions and exceed testing requirements for hurricane and seismic areas.

Insect Deterrent

ThermaSteel panels are constructed of steel and expanded polystyrene - neither of which are of nutritional value to wood-boring insects such as termites.

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