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ThermaSteel Environmental Advantages

Why use ThermaSteel?

The ThermaSteel Composite Structural Insulated Panel building system is the high-tech alternative to traditional SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels). ThermaSteel's patented composite bonding technology bonds light gauge steel structural members together with EPS, delivering a stronger, lighter wall system which installs faster and provides structural framing, insulation, sheathing and vapor barrier all in one step. By eliminating thermal bridging and air infiltration, effective R-Values may be boosted to as much as R-49.

Energy Efficiency

ThermaSteel panels are pre-engineered for energy efficiency, delivering an effective R-Value of R-35 with a 5½" panel. The R-Value also does not degrade over time like traditional sagging batt or blown-in wall insulation because of its composite nature.  Studies have proven that ThermaSteel panels reduce energy costs by up to 70% when compared to traditionally insulated walls. By providing a very efficient envelope, the mechanical requirements for heating and cooling are also reduced.

Environmentally Friendly

Did you know It takes approximately 100 trees to build a 1500 sq. ft. home using traditional wood framing? ThermaSteel panels applied in the same application only requires steel from 2 recycled cars! Made with recycled materials, the system itself is completely recyclable.

Our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) does not “off gas” like many wood products which equals better indoor air quality. It has always been CFC and HCFC free, protecting the ozone layer.

Fire Safety

ThermaSteel panels are a non-combustible assembly that provides a fire-resistant system in conjunction with various fire assemblies (gypsum board layers, etc.), meet one- and two-hour fire testing. These tests have also proven that our 4-in-1 panels give off fewer toxins than traditional construction materials.

Insect Deterrent

ThermaSteel REVPANELS use steel and expanded polystyrene - neither of which are of nutritional value to wood-boring insects such as termites.

SAFE Global Reach

Proven in over 70,000 projects in 28 countries and in all 50 states, ThermaSteel panels are approved for use in all climate regions and exceed testing requirements for hurricane and seismic areas.

Increased Property Values and Better Mortgages

Because of the superior energy efficiency of ThermaSteel panels, the cost of ownership is reduced due to lower energy costs, which translates to higher NOI and greater property values. Owners may also qualify for lower cost energy-efficient mortgages.

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