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Why build your home with ThermaSteel xPanels?

Here are a few reasons:

ThermaSteel HomeEven if you're not building your home at the top of a mountain in Vail, CO, you want it to be energy efficient.  ThermaSteel's super-insulated xPanels are thermally broken and feature R-values from R-29 to R-47. The result is significant decrease in the energy required to heat and cool your home.

Net-Zero, Passive House concepts, and solar become practical possibilities with the efficiency of ThermaSteel xPanels. When the energy requirement is less, solar panels are more effective and batteries last longer.

Safety: Flame Spread and Smoke Development tests show that ThermaSteel xPanels are one of the safest ways to build.

Not a source of food for pests. Insects such as termites like to invade and live where they feed. Because ThermaSteel xPanels offer no attraction as a food source building with ThermaSteel is the best way to insure a pest free living.

Miami Dade Hurricane wind and projectile protocol tested.

Moisture, mold, and mildew resistant. Why build with a home with wood based product that has a historical vulnerability to moisture when you could be free of worry with ThermaSteel?

No additional structure, insulation, sheathing or vapor barrier required. Four steps accomplished with every xPanel put in place.

Simple and fast assembly (1-2 days).

No off-gassing, carcinogens, pathogens, or allergens, resulting in a completely safe and heathy environment.

Eco-Friendly. 100% recycled product, built in a recycling factory where no waste is generated in the manufacturing process.

Comes completely ready to assemble with all hardware and fasteners. No need for unending trips for supplies.

Earthquake resistant, tested to 9 on the Richter scale.

300+ year useful life.

ThermaSteel xPanels arrive ready to assemble with all hardware included. All of the rough openings for windows and doors are pre-fabricated into each panel to the required specifications of each window and door manufacturer. No measuring, no cutting, no scrap.

Easy to read, custom "for your project" assembly drawings are furnished with each project. Each numbered panel on the drawing corresponds to the number written on each panel. Your assembly drawings are available several weeks before your panels arrive, so there is plenty of time to become familiar with the assembly and to call us with any questions. This process has been repeated on over 70,000 projects in over 28 countries around the world. This means we've worked the bugs out of the process and it's rare for something new to come up that we haven't seen before.

1" x 2" wire raceways are fabricated into each panel to accommodate wiring for electrical outlets. Additional raceways for switches can be easy cut into the EPS using a hot knife. Cutting EPS with a electric hot-knife is simple and quick. A bit of odor is given off in the process, but it is non-volatile and completely harmless. Amazon-link >>