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REVPANEL Composite Structural Insulated Panel Benefits

THERMASTEEL REVPANELS are light, strong, energy efficient, insulated composite structural panels. They are engineered to install fast and provide (1) structure, (2) vapor barrier, (3) insulation, and (4) sheathing all in one efficient labor-saving step. And that is just the beginning.
ThermaSteel Dual Opposing Frames


  • Reduces structural framing from 4 steps to 1 and cuts framing time by more than 50%

  • Cuts framing labor by more than 50%

  • Results in a structure that is 50-70% more energy efficient than typical framing.


FAST Speed of Construction
ThermaSteel REVPANELS replace four construction steps in just one 4-in-1 Wallframe Panel.  The 4-in-1 Wallframe Panel is pre-engineered and manufactured in the factory to exact standards, delivering a complete structural insulated 4-in-1 Wallframe Panel ready for installation. This one panel takes the place of the traditional framing, insulating, sheathing, and vapor barrier applications.

ThermaSteel PanelCost Competitive Build
ThermaSteel REVPANELS provide a superior product for framing structures at an overall cost that is less than traditional construction methods.

Easy to Use
ThermaSteel REVPANELS are as easy as 1-2-3 regardless of the laborer’s skill level. First, everything is delivered to the site numbered from the factory so that installation flows quickly. Second, the lightweight, but structurally strong system doesn’t require heavy lifting or cranes. A typical xPanel panel weighs less than 50 lbs. Third, field modifications are easily made. Changes like the resizing of windows, doors and adjustment for foundation issues can be made while the panels are in place without compromising the structural integrity of the building.

Energy Efficiency
ThermaSteel REVPANELS are pre-engineered for energy efficiency, delivering an effective R-Value of R-35 with a 5½" panel. The R-Value also does not degrade over time like traditional sagging batt or blown-in wall insulation because of its composite nature.  Studies have proven that

ThermaSteel REVPANELS reduce energy costs by up to 70% when compared to traditionally insulated walls. By providing a very efficient envelope, the mechanical requirements are also reduced for heating and cooling.

Flexible Cladding
ThermaSteel REVPANELS allow for virtually any type cladding including (but not limited to) brick, siding, metal or stucco. Interior walls can be finished with dry wall, plaster or any other type of finish.

SAFE Global Reach
Proven in over 70,000 projects in 28 countries and in all 50 states, ThermaSteel REVPANELS are approved for use in all climate regions and exceed testing requirements for hurricane and seismic areas.

Fire Safety
ThermaSteel REVPANELS provide a fire-resistant system that, with various fire assemblies, meets one and two hour fire testing. These tests have also proven that our 4-in-1 Wallframe Panels give off fewer toxins.

Exceeds Wind Safety Codes
ThermaSteel REVPANELS meet or exceed Dade County Hurricane Standards, withstanding 200 MPH winds and exceeding traditional building methods against flying debris.

No Mold
ThermaSteel REVPANELS are comprised of closed cell expanded polystyrene that does not allow for mold and other fungi.

Environmentally Friendly
ThermaSteel REVPANELS are made with recycled materials and the system itself is completely recyclable. It takes 100 trees to build a 1500 sq. ft. home. Our system only requires steel from 2 recycled cars. Also the system does not “off-gas”. Our EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) has always been CFC and HCFC free, protecting the ozone layer.

Insect Deterrent
ThermaSteel REVPANELS use steel and expanded polystyrene - neither of which are of nutritional value to wood-boring insects such as termites.

Sound Attenuation
ThermaSteel REVPANELS increase sound attenuation due to its insulating properties. Sound conduction is reduced throughout the structure. Our system is often used in multi-family, hotel/motel and dormitory projects where sound reduction is a key objective.

Increased Property Values and Better Mortgages
Because of the superior energy efficiency of ThermaSteel REVPANELS, the cost of ownership is reduced due to lower energy costs, which translates to higher NOI and greater property values. Owners may also qualify for lower cost energy-efficient mortgages.

Closed Cell
Many building projects use open cell materials. Our closed cell technology eliminates moisture absorption, increases structural strength, reduces air circulation and reduces sound transfer compared to open cell. In particular, when temperature declines, open cell materials contract, meaning their energy efficiency is negatively impacted. With our closed cell technology there is no contraction, allowing ThermaSteel REVPANELS to maintain effective R-Values.