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ThermaSteel’s Composite Panels are a novel, high tech building material with strong weight-to-strength ratios and incredible insulation performance. Learn more about ThermaSteel’s strengths and why it is an ideal bulding system for architects all over the world. Contact us.


Concerned about first time construction with ThermaSteel? Don’t be. We timed it, and five men installed 234 linear feet of 9' insulated wall panels in 7 hours.

Our composite building panels are so lightweight and easy to install, there's just no comparison to traditional stick builds.
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  • Domestic Distributorship - NAFTA (Canada, USA, Mexico and US)
  • International  Distributorship - For various countries and territories
  • International  Licensee - For manufacturing our product overseas
  • Independent Sales Reps (ISOs) - Various geographic locations.
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 New Employees

ThermaSteel is growing and looking for reliable production staff.  We offer 40 hours/week plus overtime, an indoor work environment, supplemental bonus pay AND insurance!  See more about Joining our team!