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Environmental Responsibility


ThermaSteel Environmental ResponsibilityThere is a great deal of information available about EPS and its various uses and benefits. There is always a concern about the safety and health and environmental effects of the products we use. You may find the attached document links of interest if you would like to further research EPS, and there are many other sources available online. EPS is a major component of ThermaSteel Advanced Panel Systems, so it's important to know that it's safe. Here are some general facts about EPS along with some downloadable documents, and links to online resources for more information.

  • EPS is in widespread use all over the world.
  • EPS has been around for many years, thoroughly tested and never found to contain or release anything harmful.
  • No harmful chemicals or vapors are released in the manufacturing process of EPS.
  • EPS lasts a long time. As a structural component of ThermaSteel Advanced Panel Systems, the longevity of EPS is a great benefit. We won't go so far as to say that ThermaSteel projects will last forever, but tests show that the structural and thermal integrity will not diminish over many generations.
  • It is a recyclable product.


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