Title File Description
1 and 2 Hour Load Bearing and Non-Load Bearing Fire Test PDF icon ThermaSteel Intertek 1 and 2 Hour Fire Certification

Interek 1 Hour Load Bearing and 2 Hour Non-Load Bearing Fire Test

1-3 Hour Fire Rated Wall Assembly - Chicago Approval PDF icon Chicago-Fire-Rating.pdf
Florida Product Approval PDF icon ThermaSteel Florida Product Approval FL3859
ThermaSteel 2018 IAPMO ES-128 PDF icon TS IAPMO ES-128

IAPMO is an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-recognized Standards Development Organization (SDO) and a Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL). Find their certifications on the NLRB Website. 

ThermaSteel ASTM E 119-83, Report WHI-694-0187 PDF icon ThermaSteel ASTM E 119-83, Report WHI-694-0187

2 Hour Fire Test Report, WHI-694-0187

ThermaSteel Thermal Zone Map PDF icon ThermaSteel Intertek Thermal Zone Map

The Intertek Thermal Zone Map indicates approved zone ratings for ThermaSteel panels. 

Title File Description
Floor and Roof Panel Design Manual PDF icon ThermaSteel Floor and Roof Panel Design Manual
Miami Dade Structural Test PDF icon

Wall Panel Structural Test Report - 0168-0808-98 

Sealing the Vapor Barrier PDF icon sealing-vapor-barrier.pdf

ThermaSteel panels are certified vapor barrier. The joints between panels and connection points panels and top and bottom track must be caulked in order to extend the barrier to the upper and lower track. This document shows the locations of caulk points.


Smoke and Flame Spread PDF icon ts.smoke-and-flame-spread.pdf

Smoke and Flame Spread data provided by EPS manufacturer Nova Chemicals

STC Rated Assemblies PDF icon

Diagram of ThermaSteel's STC rated assemblies

ThermaSteel Assembly Manual PDF icon ThermaSteel Assembly Manual
ThermaSteel Connection Details PDF icon ThermaSteel Connection Details

50+ pages of ThermaSteel Connection Details with Table of Contents linked to inidvidual pages.

ThermaSteel Panel Tolerances - HUD PDF icon ThermaSteel Panel Tolerances - HUD

This document indicates the tolerances of all ThermaSteel Panels and compliance with HUD. 

ThermaSteel Panel Weights PDF icon ThermaSteel lbs per sqft based on panel thickness and steel gauge

How much do ThermaSteel panels weight? This document provides weight per square foot according to thickness and steel gauge.

ThermaSteel Product MSDS PDF icon ThermaSteel Product MSDS
ThermaSteel Specification Sheet PDF icon ThermaSteel Specification Sheet

All the details in one place. For even more detailed information download the IAPMO Report ES-128.

Tiny House Sample Shop Drawings PDF icon Sample Tiny House Shop Drawings.pdf

People ask what our Shop Drawings look like, so here is a sample set from a Tiny House as an example. Whether you're building six story multi-family apartment building, a tiny house, a beer cooler, or a typical house. Each coded panel on the drawings corresponds with a panel so that it is a simple process to locate where each panel goes in a project of any size.

Title File Description
ThermaSteel Project Checklist PDF icon ThermaSteel Project Checklist

Use the ThermaSteel Project Checklist to expedite your project to completion.

Promotional Literature
Title File Description
ThermaSteel Brochure PDF icon ThermaSteel Brochure
ThermaSteel fPanel PDF icon ThermaSteel fPanel Floor System