ThermaSteel Hotel Applications

Speeds Builds, Energy Efficient, Safe, Healthy, and Environmentally Friendly

It's been estimated that between 40 and 60% of a hotel's energy cost are for electricity, with the largest share of this going to heating and cooling. Maximizing energy efficiency begins with ThermaSteel xPanels with R-Value from R-35 to R-47. But energy efficiency is only one benefit. Learn more about ThermaSteel's incredible xPanel.


thermasteel request a quoteCONSTRUCTION
The use of ThermaSteel xPanels in hotel envolope construction can reduce building cycle time by up to 75%. What is the effect and cost savings of enclosing a project in half the normal time?
 - 4 in 1 System means xPanel eliminates the need for Structure, Sheathing, Insulation, and Vapor barrier. When the panel is up, the wall is done.
 - Completing a project six to eight weeks ahead of schedule?
 - ThermaSteel xPanels are engineered to assemble quickly and securely, conecting together via tongue and groove and floor and top track.
 - ThermaSteel Wall xPanels arrive ready to assemble with rough openings for windows, doors, and PTAC unit sleeves pre-fabricated into the panels.
 - True Structural System - Lowers cost by eliminating the need for other structural members.
 - Up to eight stories with no additional structure


ThermaSteel xPanels deliver higher R-Value, from R-35 to R-47. the highest energy efficiency, while cutting building cycle times. With 70,000 projects completed in over 28 countries world-wide, ThermaSteel delivers incredible value, during and after the build. 
 - Lower mechanical costs
 - Lower maintenance costs


ThermaSteel xPanels are increddibly strong, ressisting high wind loads and seismic loads.
 - No off-gasing
 - No allergens
 - Tested to 215mph wind
 - High Seismic resistantance
 - Fire resistant and provides no fuel for fire


 - 20% of the steel in ThermaSteel xPanels come from recycled sources.
 - 100% of the every xPanel is recycleable.
 - ThermaSteel xPanels have an extremely long, multi-generational life cycle, with no performance degradation.
 - ThermaSteel xPanels save two hundred times more energy than they consume to manufacture (based on a 20yr lifecycle).


CASE STUDY, LaQuinta, Radford, VA
 - 18,000 Square feet (Two floors) 
 - 58 rooms with PTAC units
 - Average annual temperature 55 degrees
 - Average Monthly Energy/Electric - $3,000 (Includes HVAC, laundry, and all interior and exterior lighting and electrical systems)
 - Total estimated energy savings over conventional stick framing: $650/mo.


 - Balancing Hotel Energy Use and Guest Comfort
 - PTAC Buyers Guide
 - Understanding R and U Values
 - Hotel Utility Costs


 - Concrete Masonary Unit (CMU)
 - Structural Insulated Panel (SIP)
 - Composite Structure Insulated Panel (CSIP)
 - Packaged Terminal Air Conditioner (PTAC)
 - Packaged Terminal Heat Pump (PTHP)